Our department “international logistics” offers the organisation of international transports:

Our services:

Road, rail & combo transports

In the case of combo transports (CT), this is the generic term for goods transports, where the loading units such as interchangeable containers, containers, semi-trailers or complete HGV, on the whole route, are being transported by at least two different modes of transport. In contrast to interrupted transports, where the goods are unloaded yourself, for CT transports, the whole loading units change from one mode of transport to another.

Sea & air freight in Europe and worldwide

In sea and air freight, we use modes of transport from established ocean carriers and airlines in transport within Europe, and also worldwide. In sea transport, economy and ecology are in the foreground, while in air freight the short transport time takes priority.

Loading and unloading of containers

We load and unload your sea and overland containers. When loading, goods to be loaded loose are stowed making full use of the allowed container capacity. When unloading e.g. carton goods, these are paletted expertly, wrapped in film, labelled and temporarily stored if required. In this context, import or export customs clearance can also be carried out by us.

Open customs warehouse

In our customs or goods warehouse we can temporarily store untaxed and duty unpaid goods. This warehouse is under customs seal, which means the warehouse is allowed and monitored by customs. The customs warehouse is primarily defined by the procedure, therefore we also talk about customs warehouse procedure.

Declaration and customs-related handling

We can help you with the declaration and customs clearance using our experience and the existing IT systems. A so called “customs clearance” thereby describes the customs and tax transfer into free transport or with export customs clearance, it also means creation and registration of the exporter declaration of the ABD.

Intrastat and excise duty registration

The Intrastat (Inter community trade statistics) is required for the community statistics of goods transport between the EU member states, and is binding for all economic participants.

Excise duty is a tax which imposes a tax on the use of certain goods, for example beer tax or brandy tax.  We are happy to carry out the registration of Intrastat and the various excise duties on your behalf.


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